Vol. 8, iss. 1

Table of Contents

Editorial PDF (Español) PDF PDF (Català) EPUB (Español) EPUB EPUB (Català)
Josep M. Duart 1-6

Research Articles

Educational Networks 2.1. Social media, collaborative environments and teaching-learning processes PDF (Español) PDF EPUB (Español) EPUB
Diego Levis 7-42
Experiences of Educational Inclusion in Colombia: Towards Useful Knowledge PDF (Español) PDF EPUB (Español) EPUB
María del Carmen Martínez Mobilla 43-65
The e-Tutor Figure: Findings and conclusions of a case-study research project PDF (Español) PDF EPUB (Español) EPUB
Carlos Rodríguez Hoyos, Adelina Calvo Salvador 66-92
Communication Processes in Virtual Learning Environments and their Impact on Online Lifelong Learning PDF (Español) PDF EPUB (Español) EPUB
Sonia María Santoveña 93-127
Online social network contacts as information repositories PDF (Español) PDF EPUB (Español) EPUB
Gabriel Valerio Ureña, Jaime Ricardo Valenzuela González 128-155


Selección, formación y práctica de los docentes investigadores. La carrera docente. EEES, by Félix E. González (dir.) (2010) PDF (Español) EPUB (Español)
M.ª Ángeles Cano Muñoz 327-329
Usos del e-learning en las universidades andaluzas: estado de la situación y análisis de buenas prácticas, by Julio Cabero Almenara (dir.) (2010) PDF (Español) EPUB (Español)
María Carmen Llorente Cejudo 330-334

Special Section

Monograph “The Impact of Social Networks on Teaching and Learning”. Introduction: Higher Education and the Promises and Perils of Social Networks PDF (Español) PDF Monográfico completo (PDF) (Español) EPUB (Español) EPUB
George Siemens, Martin Weller 156-326
University Students’ Attitudes Towards and Expectations of the Educational Use of Social Networks PDF (Español) PDF EPUB (Español) EPUB
Cinta Espuny Vidal, Juan González Martínez, Mar Lleixà Fortuño, Mercè Gisbert Cervera
Connecting Instruction to Connected Technologies – Why Bother? An Instructional Designer’s Perspective PDF (Español) PDF EPUB (Español) EPUB
Beth Rochefort, Nancy Richmond
Using Social Networks for Pedagogical Practice in French Higher Education: Educator and Learner Perspectives PDF (Español) PDF EPUB (Español) EPUB
Rachel Panckhurst, Debra Marsh
Network Promises and Their Implications PDF (Español) PDF EPUB (Español) EPUB
Paul Bouchard
Use of Questions to Facilitate Social Learning in a Web 2.0 Environment PDF (Español) PDF EPUB (Español) EPUB
Rebecca Ferguson

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