The conception and design of e-learning systems viewed from the standpoint of a language teaching platform: Learning English v. 2.0

Leydier Argüelles


The design and implementation of e-learning platforms is essential for the development and future of information and communication technologies in knowledge management and the teaching-learning process. Universities and companies need a methodology for developing versatile and flexible e-learning applications that are, at the same time, capable of storing the large volumes of information required by these educational processes. This situation is a catalyst revealing the vital need for the efficient and timely development of a teaching-learning process based on e-learning platforms that takes into account the needs of the client and achieves optimum quality. To achieve this aim a new methodology is required that will standardize the conception, design and implementation of this type of system based on the creation of basic artefacts that can be used equally well across the different platforms developed. The methodology proposed is based on a systematic approach involving a series of stages each containing work flows and phases and a set of artefacts (cards, reports, templates, etc.) that can form the basis of the design and development of any e-learning platform. This article also describes the application of the proposed methodology to the development of an actual system called Learning English, an e-learning platform designed to improve the teaching and learning of the English language in universities. Among the key components of this system are modules that facilitate the presentation of material, communication, practice, and exercises. These modules facilitate the process of knowledge management in the context of English language teaching.


distance learning; education; e-learning; English; knowledge; learning; model

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