Analysis and resolution of case-problems using a collaborative learning approach

César Coll, Teresa Mauri, Javier Onrubia


This paper presents and discusses an innovative instructional program based on a case-based teaching model incorporating collaborative learning and information and communication technologies (ICT) as applied to the teaching and learning of Educational Psychology in a university context. The program, which was implemented over a two-year period, derives from a constructivist and socio-cultural view of teaching and learning processes. The instructional design is described in some detail, and ICT are mainly used as follows: 1) as a tool for supporting collaborative learning within small groups of students; 2) as a tool to facilitate the instructor in the tasks of continual assessment, learner support, and individual tutoring; and 3) as a tool to support and promote students' reflection and self-regulation with respect to their own learning process and goal achievement. ICT are used in a blended learning context that combines face-to-face and virtual activities. Overall, the results of the program have been very positive: students have improved their outcomes, and both students and teachers have expressed a high degree of satisfaction with the instructional design. There are, nevertheless, some aspects that still require improvement. In particular, participants have commented on the difficulty of integrating virtual educational tools and resources into a highly face-to-face-centered institutional teaching/learning culture. In addition, students also require more direct support and training in the specific skills required for learning in a virtual context.


case-based learning; blended-learning; computer-supported collaborative learning; higher education; instructional innovation; teaching of psychology; uses of information technology in education

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