E-learning in the area of maths and statistics in Spanish universities: opportunities, challenges, current situation and trends

Cristina Steegmann, M. Antònia Huertas, Ángel A. Juan Pérez, Montserrat Prat


The first part of this article deals with key aspects of e-learning in mathematics and statistics studies at universities. It discusses the main benefits the different technologies - online learning environments and specialised software - for students, lecturers and universities giving these subjects, as well as the challenges and the difficulties these groups face. Certain innovative aspects in this field are also analysed, paying special attention to how this form of study, based on the Internet and use of mathematics and statistics software, may help in achieving the main objectives of the Bologna declaration. In the second part of the article the MEL research project at the UOC is presented, with the main results. This project is a study, at national level, on the current state of teaching in these university studies, emphasising some of the important factors which affect it: use and integration of online learning environments, use and integration of mathematics-statistics software, adaptation to the European Space for Higher Education, and use of teaching resources in English.


European Space for Higher Education; e-learning of mathematics; information technology in education

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.7238/rusc.v5i2.329


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