Creating Practice and Knowledge Communities at University: A working Experience among Universities in the Catalan Language Area

Zoia Bozu, Francesc Imbernon Muñoz


In today’s society, education and training through virtual or presential practice communities is becoming a common procedure that, with varying results, different educational fields (universities, companies, schools, non-formal education, etc.) are experimenting with. Starting from the premise that, at the beginning of the 21st century, the university’s mission continues to be the diffusion of scientific knowledge, we believe that the setting up of practice communities is a challenge that needs to be taken up by all professionals in education and training, since it is through these communities that new knowledge can be generated and transferred, and better praxis can be attained in research and teaching. This approach allows us to back the need to develop a method of work that aims to constitute a practice community among junior and senior university staff.


practice communities; university training; professional development of university teachers

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